Once negotiations are done and the contract to buy and sell is signed by both parties, you’ll usually wait 30 days until closing. During that time, you’ll have an inspection, an appraisal, and finish the details of your loan. But once that thirtieth day comes, what can you expect?

Here are a few things to expect on closing day:

1. Meeting at a Title Company
You’ll meet at a title company the day of closing. Generally, the seller picks the closing location. In most closings, you’ll meet at the closing table with your agent, the sellers, and the seller’s agent and your mortgage broker or loan officer. A closing agent is there to walk all the parties through the closing.

2. Title Examination
Before closing, the title to your new home will be examined to make sure that you will own it free and clear.

3. Bringing money to the table
Depending on the details of your deal and your loan, you may need to bring a check to closing with any remaining money owed. This can be the remaining amount due down payment, closing costs, mortgage insurance, or any number of other possible expenses. You will know ahead of time about how much you need to bring, and you should have the exact number on the day before closing.

4. Lots of paperwork
You’ll sit down at the table and notice that the closing agent has brought in the largest stack of paperwork you’ve ever seen in your entire life. Don’t be intimidated! You’ll have to sign and date a lot of papers, but don’t worry – every paper you sign brings you one step closer to getting those keys!

5. Your Keys!
At the end of closing, you’ll officially own your new home! Go, celebrate, then GO HOME!