If you are trying to sell your home, your agent may want to do an open house. During an open house, your agent will set out signs and advertise in hopes of bringing in prospective home buyers. If you want a successful open house, here are a few quick tips!

1. Allow for proper lighting
Open your drapes and blinds! Let that light in. Homes show better when they are well lighted. Supplement natural lighting with artificial lights as well! Lamps and overhead lights should be turned on.

2. Be aware of smells
Every home has a unique smell, and while a “natural home smell” isn’t a bad thing, adding air fresheners or having your agent bring a candle to burn in the family room throughout the open house can create an even more relaxing and inviting atmosphere.

3. Let your agent handle it
When it comes to an open house, its best to let your agent handle it and to leave your home for the set time period of the open house. If you are doing your own open house or happen to stop by, have visitors warmly welcomed but let them check out the home primarily on their own.

4. Open the front door
Knocking on a closed door is much more intimidating than walking into an open one! Have your agent keep the door open, welcome, and inviting.